Are there moments in your day you wish wouldn’t slip through your fingers at the blink of an eye? You want to hand someone a camera to capture that small sliver of time, but the problem is the second the camera is pointed at you it doesn’t feel natural anymore. You get stiff, you force a smile, you freeze. You tell your kid to look at Melissa and point to me. But to be honest, they don’t know my name is Melissa, and they couldn’t care less. And to be even more honest, I don’t want to have to eliminate half the photos I took because you are pointing at me. I want you to be in your element. I want you to do things that bring your children and family most joy. I want you to play, and laugh and snuggle and cry and not even notice I’m there. I don’t want you to tell your kids they can play after the pictures are done, or if they’re really good listeners they can get ice cream. I want them to play AND eat ice cream during the pictures- because let’s be real, that’s what life is all about. I want you to live in the moment and not feel like you have to fake it. I’m gonna guess that 80% of the time your children are dirty, half clothed, and full of wonder- accompanied by real laughter and not forced ‘cheese’ smiles. And that’s the stuff I want. Your life is busy, its messy, it’s stressful- but it’s beautiful. And it’s what makes your family so uniquely your family. So, I’m formally inviting myself over. I want to show you how cute your little bed headed / half Pj’d / still has dinner on his face from the night before child is when he first opens his eyes. I want you to remember your 3 year old running around in his Donatello turtle helmet and underwear because that’s what he requested. You can read, cook, run, swim, dream, bathe (probably just the kids), create, play- and I will simply be there to document it. For the month of April I will be offering this 2 hour lifestyle shoot at a discounted rate from my normal session fee. Please email me if you would like more information.